The Barn

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It all started with a dream that was fulfilled in 1969 and today it’s one of Central Florida’s best kept secrets…only it’s not really that secret…if you are in the know!

I’m talking about the dream of Ednamay Wales back in the 60’s and her vision for opening an antique shop. In 1969 Ed, her husband, fulfilled that dream when he built a small tin roofed building on the family ranch in rural Polk county, about 45 mins to an hour drive from Orlando.

Today, The Barn Antiques is still a Wales family business and, while holding true to Ednamay and Ed’s original philosophy, the venue has been expanded to much larger quarters. In short, it’s a real family story and essentially a story that America laid it’s foundations on… people and families having dreams and then turning those dreams into reality through damned hard work and being prepared to sacrifice a little to get to where they wanted to go. It’s something we need to remember and a quick trip to The Barn is essential for everyone, no matter whether doing some seasonal shopping or wanting to study a real family business.

The Barn is made up of several different areas; The Barn Antiques, the Stable Family of Shops featuring “The Stable – Home Decor”, “The Seasons Gift Shop”, “The Back Yard Garden Shop” and The Back Porch Tearoom.

Each area will take some time to explore as every available space is filled with something interesting or exciting to look at. During regular trips abroad, the people at the Barn hand-pick the best pieces for their showrooms from their wide network of well-established contacts and it really shows as you’ll often find numerous pieces of merchandise you’ll never see elsewhere here.

The Stable

In the Stable, every nook and cranny is filled with a lovely array of designer wreaths, flower arrangements, swags, and baskets. Avid shoppers are pleasantly overwhelmed by our wide range of items both quaint and sophisticated, including brass, prints, lamps, potpourri, and many other lovely accessories for their home. The Stable’s “SEASONS” gift shop changes with the holidays, FALL, HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, SPRING, and EASTER. All are celebrated with many special and unique decorations and themed items.

The Back Porch Tearoom

The Back Porch offers a sunny break for hungry lunchtime shoppers. Shoppers, browsers, and the hungry make their selection from a menu and find a table hand painted with wild flowers. Lunch is delivered in wooden picnic baskets, filled with soup, salad, sandwich, and dessert from the Wales Family’s favorite recipes and you can choose whether to sit indoors or out. Further, children have not been forgotten here as they can enjoy a “Teddy Bear Picnic” is available.

The Back Yard Garden Shop

The Back Yard offers a wide selection of garden and lawn accessories in the latest styles, ranging from stepping stones all the way up to twelve-foot trellises and handsome lawn furniture. You can choose to shop or just to relax under the lush canopies of Confederate Jasmine, as the sound of trickling water mixes with the light tinkle of wind chimes to sweep your stresses away.

The web site for The Barn is and you and your family really should make the effort to visit during the upcoming holiday season… it’s a real treat.

Here’s a video I shot earlier in the week…

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