The City That Doesn’t Sleep … Part 3

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After all the excitement of Friday night it was hard to believe we could surpass all that fun. We managed it though and we were lucky enough to charter the “Calypso” from Pier 59 so we could take to the Hudson river and view New York from the water.

We arrived on board to be met with Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa. For Europeans, we know that as “Buck’s Fizz but either way, it went down a treat! The yacht is actually certified for 45 passengers and 5 crew so we had plenty of room to wander around but one of the more interesting facts about this vessel is that The Calypso actually featured on season 1 of The Apprentice. The web site is and you can see the Apprentice video here.

The Calypso is no stranger to the lime light though as it has been chartered by cast members of the Sopranos, Will Smith MB2 Donna Karen – and was originally built for Jack Wrather, where it was christened the Lone Ranger IV in recognition of his television and radio show.  In 2004 Catherine Zeta-Jones was featured in InStyle magazine aboard the Calypso and more recently the vessel has been seen on The Real Housewives of New York City.

The cruise was simply fabulous and the weather was superb. A beautiful Saturday morning in August in New York on board a superb yacht is really hard to beat and we really enjoyed sailing along the Hudson past Battery Park, past the Staten Island Ferry terminal, and up the East River to take a look at the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

Seeing New York this way gave me a new appreciation for the city and the views of Manhattan were simply awesome.

To cap it all, we then sailed over to the Statue of Liberty and got up close enough to take some great pictures.  This was the perfect end to a perfect trip and there was no better place to be at the end of it all than the most recognizable icon of the United States… the symbol of liberty and freedom. It was also a great place to recognize how much this country has given me and how lucky I have been.

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