The Legend of Chima Opens At Legoland Florida

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At 9.30am this morning the Legend of Chima opened and the first guests got the chance to try out the newest attraction at Legoland Florida in Winter Haven. A few minutes later, the first guests emerged soaked to the skin but with huge grins on their faces.  It’s simply that kind of ride. Nothing but fun!

Today marked the culmination of a project that was announced in March this year but had been on the drawing board since the end of 2012. The centerpiece of the new World of Chima at LEGOLAND Florida is the interactive, family-friendly water ride, The Quest for CHI. Guests  enter The World of Chima through a fantastical stone and moss covered entrance which leads to the Lion Temple at the base of the majestic 45-foot tall floating Mount Cavora. Located there is a nice play area for little ones to play with Lego while others in the party line up before everyone gets the  chance to explore the diverse landscape setting and join the Lion Tribe in an epic battle to recover the stolen CHI orbs.

Guests then board their watercraft which takes them on an interactive experience using water cannons to help their hero, Laval the Lion Prince, defeat Cragger the Crocodile King as he attempts to steal the precious supply of CHI. The approximately 5 minute journey then takes them through the land of Chima where they meet some of the highly advanced animal tribal habitats, including the Rhino Quarry, Raven’s Roost, Eagle’s Nest, Wolves Encampment, Gorilla Forest and Crocodile Swamp.

In all, it’s simply a great family ride particularly on a hot Florida day and from what I witnessed I’m not actually sure how much guests take in of the scenery as they’re usually too busy firing their water cannons and getting soaked!

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Here’s some video:

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