Orlando Theme Park Ticket Prices… Are You Ready For The Increase?

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Over the weekend Universal Orlando raised its one-day, one park base ticket price from $89 to $92, before tax.  A 3.4 percent increase. A single-day ticket that gets you into both parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, went up 3.2 per cent from $124 to $128.

According to the Universal web site, you can still get your per day admission cost below $50 if you make a multi-day purchase such as the three day admission for $146.99 for park to park and $125.99 for one park a day access.

The bad news is that history shows that whenever one of the Big Three in Orlando, Disney, Universal or SeaWorld, raises prices, at least one of the others follows quickly. So if you take my advice, you might want to hurry up and do it before those parks match Universal’s increase. Tickets can be obtained at FloridaLeisureTickets.com

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