Tiger Woods wins at Bay Hill with repeat performance

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Orlando Golf: Just in case we’d forgotten just how good Tiger Woods is, he again reminded us of what the game had missed during his 8 month layoff for knee surgery. A magnificent putt at the 18th green on the 72nd hole won the championship for Woods yet again.

It was a repeat performance from 2008 when he rolled in a 25 foot putt but this year it was just 16 feet that wrecked the hopes of overnight leader Sean O’Hair. O’Hair was 5 shots clear of Woods at the start of the day but after pulling the deficit back to 3 shots in the first 3 holes things rocked back and forth until Woods finally caught his man. An error at the 16th when O’Hair put his ball in the water saw Woods go 1 up but then it was Woods turn to turn villain as he promptly bogeyed the 17th. All square going up the last then…but then Tiger turned on his magic and rolled in that putt.

So that’s 6 victories for Tiger at Arnold Palmer’s Invitational at Bay Hill. An amazing performance and yet another reason why you have to visit Orlando if you love golf. Orlando is pretty much the home of golf thesedays and when you get performances like this in two consecutive years from Woods, you begin to understand that this is the place to play and to practise.

Brilliant stuff again Tiger…the Masters is rolling around soon. Can’t wait.

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  2. Tiger is back! I was at the 2000 AT&T Pebble Beach Tournament, so I knew that Tiger had come back from 5 strokes behind before, but I did not expect him to do what he did on Sunday. I think people might enjoy this list, since Tiger and Arnold Palmer are both on it. I’m not sure if Byron Nelson’s record of 18 single season wins will ever be broken.

    The Top Ten Most PGA Tour Wins in a Single Season Since 1916

    March 30, 2009 at 4:12 pm

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