Tiger’s back…

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Great news this week…Tiger’s coming back! He’s due to make his comeback at the Accenture Match Play Championship that starts on 25th February and this is nothing but good news for golf lovers.

Golf has been pretty boring since he’s been away and it just goes to show what an impact he’s had on the game. In my opinion he’s simply the greatest to have played the game…and that’s saying something given some that have gone before him.

Sure some will argue about Jack Nicklaus being the best because of his 18 major’s but it’s only a matter of time before Tiger sets a new benchmark in my opinion. Tiger is currently on 14 major’s but he’s only been playing the game for 13 years whereas Jack took 25 years to amass his tally. Further, if you look at the most PGA wins, then Tiger is just 8 wins behind Jack overall. Of course, this is one subject we can argue about for a good few hours but in my opinion it has to be Tiger based on one simple fact… he’s had tougher competition than anyone before.

Previously, there were a few guys who’d challenge for titles. People like Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson and Gary Player would be battling for glory with Jack but if you compare those times to today you’ll immediately understand that any of the top 125 could win an event. Players today are fitter than before and simply have more game.

It’s nice to welcome back Tiger as I’m sure that even his competitors welcome his return because it will mean much more to them if they win when he is in the field. I’m also sure that the public’s enthusiasm will return as well…after all what’s a tournament if the best player in the world isn’t there?

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