Top 10 Spa Trends for 2008

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I’ve just received an email from Susie Ellis from Spafinder, predicting the top 10 spa trends for 2008. Here are her suggestions of what we can expect:

  1. The Feng Shui’d Gym: Spas will be offering new and unique gym designs.
  2. The Star Therapist: Spas and spa-goers will learn to recognize and appreciate the really gifted therapists.
  3. Wellness, Wellness, Wellness: Spas are not so much about pampering anymore as they are about wellness.
  4. Luxury Detox and Luxury Bootcamps: There is nothing wrong with mixing comfort and luxury while detoxing and getting in shape.
  5. Spa Real Estate Mania: There are many options now to buy a condo or home where the spa component is a key feature.
  6. Taking Sleep Seriously…Especially if you want to Lose Weight: Research shows healthy sleep makes it easier to lose weight.
  7. Fertility Tranquility: Relaxing at a spa is good for your body, mind, spirit…and conception.
  8. Hydro and Thermal Super-Experiences: Explore the large variety of beautifully designed water and heat experiences at spas – hot saunas, steam grottos, ice caves, etc.
  9. Urban Spa Explorer: Generation X, Y and others are discovering spa “gems” in the ethnic community of cities; Korean scrubs, Thai massages, Shiatsu, etc. often at no frills prices.
  10. Plug-in or Unplug: It’s up to You: Some spas don’t allow you to use your phone or Blackberry yet other spas do. Some spas have sections for each.
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