Travelling to Orlando from Europe … a Rough Guide.

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Europeans no longer need a visa when visiting Florida, a full British passport is all that is now needed. Airlines will issue you with a Visa waver form on the aircraft before landing and also a Customs Declaration card. They must be handed into Customs when going through passport control.

Orlando International airport is the main International airport for the state and there are also large airports at Tampa, Miami and Sanford.

When clearing customs you should hand in your customs declaration form, listing all the things that you have brought into the US. You must note that you cannot bring in fresh meat, fruit, drugs and plants.

Disabled travellers will find ramps, wide doors, lifts and other wheelchair provisions in major public places. You should contact your car hire firm for written proof of their policies towards disabled drivers. On arrival in the state, the car hire company should direct you to the local county office in order to claim disabled driver status. Please remember that in some cases you may have to wait up to two hours to get your disabled visitor badge.

European drivers can drive in Florida on a full driving licence issued in their own country. However under 25 ‘s may find it difficult to hire a car or may have to pay much higher rates of hire and insurance. Many airlines now offer Fly Drive holidays which offer competitive car hire rates.

When hiring a car you must ensure that you have the correct insurance. It is advisable to take out Collision Damage Waver. You may find it to be expensive, but it is essential to take out as it covers you for all conceivable events.

Most hire cars in Florida are automatics and come with air conditioning. You now generally find that the main car hire companies are now bases at the airports which makes collecting and dropping off the car much easier.

In Florida they drive on the right hand side of the road and it is preferable for first time visitors to arrive in day light in order to familiarise themselves with the road networks.

The interstate roads are the best for long journeys and have anywhere up to six lanes. Please remember that Americans overtake on both sides which can be a shock for foreign tourists on their first visit. Also remember when using a toll road to have money to pay at each toll booth.

The speed limit in Florida is 65mph and in outer city limits it is usually 55mph. In built up areas it drops to 30 – 35mph. If you are stopped by the police, wait in the car and be polite. Florida police do not appreciate rude drivers.

Drinking and driving is not tolerated in Florida and it is regarded as a serious offence. If stopped on suspicion of drink driving, you can be locked up on the spot until you have taken a urine test. You should not drink drive under any circumstances.

If you are unfortunate enough to break down while driving in Florida you should wait in your car with the bonnet raised and wait until the Highway Patrol stop to help you.

In Florida the standard electrical supply is 110-120 volts and if bringing your own electrical devices from Europe, you must use an adaptor.

Travellers from Europe do not need any inoculations before visiting Florida. Water is safe to drink but in some cases may be heavily chlorinated. In Florida there are excellent pharmacies.

There is no state funded health service in Florida and so you must have travel insurance as medical care is very expensive in Florida.

Summer temperatures are usually constant in Florida with an average temperature in the mid 80 degrees. Winter temperatures can vary sometimes dropping to around about 60 degrees, steadily rising throughout the rest of the year back up to the peak summer temperatures.

When coming on vacation to Florida many tourists now rent holiday homes or Villas. This usually works out cheaper than staying in hotels and provides much more independence. It also allows the tourist to get a true feel of the Florida way of life and culture. Holiday home rental is now one of the fasted growing areas of tourism in Florida.   Check out

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