TurtleTrek opens at SeaWorld Orlando

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Today was a big day at SeaWorld Orlando as the theme park continues it’s quest to become the finest theme park in the Central Florida area.  Not content with already being the place to go during the Christmas period, SeaWorld’s President Terry Prather (pictured above) opened the fabulous new TurtleTrek attraction. Turtle Trek is the only attraction of its kind in the world and this morning we got chance to attend the Grand Opening ceremony.

TurtleTrek, is a superb new addition to the fabulous park and it offers a unique blend of up-close encounters with manatees and sea turtles. It also features state-of-the art entertainment, which  makes for a real adventure and a first-of-its-kind 3D 360 degree dome theater film that completely surrounds guests and gives them a fully immersive experience.

Guests enter the attraction and visit the first of two massive naturalistic habitats, home to gentle manatees and gliding sea turtles, learning along the way what makes each species so precious. Families then enter a domed theater and what happens next has never before been seen and is a first at any theme park in the world.

Inside the dome, guests don special 3D glasses and are then surrounded by a hyper-realistic, 3D 360 degree film that takes them on the amazing life journey of a special sea turtle named Nyah. The experience is all around guests and even above them – not just in front of them or only on one screen. It’s this all-new and immersive way of showcasing a sea turtle’s epic adventure that is the heart of TurtleTrek. And for the first time, SeaWorld guests are given a turtle’s eye view of the ocean’s wonders.

TurtleTrek is as inspirational as it is astounding. There’s a call-to-action at the end of the experience as SeaWorld urges guests to join in with conserving the world we share. “Do a little, do a lot, but join us and do something to help the world and its animals,” said Brian Morrow, the attraction’s chief designer. “TurtleTrek is about the everyday heroes who can make a difference in nature.”

As guests leave the dome there’s even more for families to enjoy.  Families can compete in a fun and educational “Race for the Beach” video game that plays out on massive video screens outside the new attraction. Also,  TurtleTrek’s gift shop is unique in the way it continues the attraction’s inspiration and guests will see exactly how a portion of each dollar spent benefits in-the-field research to help save animals.

Further and starting at TurtleTrek, SeaWorld and all its parks are eliminating plastic gift bags within the next year. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment will be the largest theme park operator to make this commitment.  The eco-friendly move will save an estimated 4 million plastic bags per year from both entering landfills and impacting wildlife. SeaWorld routinely rescues marine wildlife such as endangered sea turtles that sometimes mistake plastic bags for a favorite food such as jellyfish.

 More photos at https://www.facebook.com/FloridaLeisure or FloridaLeisurePhotography.com

And check back soon as we’ll have some video from the opening day ceremony up!

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