Ultimate Fishing Town USA

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Today is the last day for voting in the Ultimate Fishing Town USA contest and currently Kissimmee is leading the way with 3187 votes (Click on picture below to see in more detail). It’s very important to us to maintain this lead so we are requesting your help by casting your vote for the City of Kissimmee to become the “Ultimate Fishing Town USA”.

In voting, we’re asking you to name Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes as the “Ultimate Fishing Town U.S.A.” Yesterday we posted one video showing Lake Toho and today we have another video showing just why Kissimmee really is the Ultimate Fishing Town in the USA.

The Kissimmee chain of lakes is the only Central Florida location nominated in this national competition hosted by the World Fishing Network. The goal is for the City of Kissimmee to be included in the Top 20 ultimate fishing locations in the country. The competition is based solely on votes and it’s those votes that will make up the order to make it to the final round.

It takes less than a minute to cast a vote and each person can vote up to four times each day. So please click the banner at the start or below this blog post  and it will take you directly to the site where you can cast your vote. Thanks in advance…we really appreciate it!

One Response to Ultimate Fishing Town USA

  1. Let a little town win…they need the money a lot more than Kissimmee.

    May 3, 2011 at 9:56 am

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