Unfazed by Fay…what about you?

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So after days of media coverage Tropical Storm Fay breezed through Orlando with barely a murmur. The main event for those of us in the path in Central Florida was from 2pm to 7pm but frankly, it was nothing more than a slightly windy rainy day.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. How much has this fiasco cost the economy? Over the weekend the media were hyping this up, encouraging people to stock up on supplies and to generally behave as if this was a category 5 storm. Please.

The problem with this hyperbole is that next time there is a genuine threat to the area, some people just won’t listen. They’ll treat it as a minor inconvienience and do nothing. I don’t mean to trivialise this but the coverage on the TV and in the press was way over the top. I mean…people actually missed Dr. Phil for two days running while those in the know pontificated about approaching 50-70 mile an hour winds…only they weren’t and they were never were likely to be. Go figure.

But coming back to the economy and the ever increasing national debt, far too many people for my liking used it as an excuse for a day off. The schools were shut, construction projects have been shut down for days and local government came to a stand still. Quite pathetic. Meanwhile the Police, the fire service and the hospitals carried on. Even the attraction parks remained open as normal and the Disney parade went ahead.

Yes, airlines had to cancel flights…and that’s understandable but c’mon people get real, this was not a major storm and it shouldn’t have been an excuse for people who could have worked not to. And on that note, I’m pleased to report that all my staff refused to be beaten by it or even that concerned. They all came in and did their job and made the guests staying in our vacation homes happy. It’s called having a backbone and I’m proud of them. So… next time Mr. Media, please report it as it is and as it will be. Winds of 20 mph or even 50 mph aren’t very devastating…and while rain can lead to flooding in some areas, try telling us who exactly is at risk from this. After all, it’s not like you didn’t have three hurricanes in 2004 to warm up.

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