Vacation For Less

Despite today’s economic woes, people are still traveling and taking vacations; it is my experience that they are just doing so with a lot more focus on their budget. Hunting for deals and ways to cut costs while on vacation has never been more important and one budget-friendly trend has emerged as the solution for those who want to travel for less: vacation home rentals.

Florida Leisure Vacation Home
Florida Leisure Vacation Home

 Vacationers may wonder how renting a Florida Leisure Vacation Home can actually cost less. First, vacation homes usually come equipped with all the necessities to cook meals. Just cutting one restaurant meal a day out of a vacation budget can save hundreds of dollars over the course of the trip. By eliminating all of those little extra food outings and instead stocking up at local grocery stores, vacationers could possibly cut trip costs in half.

In addition to saving money by eating in, a vacation home is a much larger space so more people can travel together and split the cost of the rental. And with multigenerational travel on the rise — grandma, aunt, mom, dad and kids all traveling together — it’s an easy way to be comfortable and share intimate travel memories together in a larger space.Do the math. If renting a four-bedroom villa for a week costs $1,000, two families of four will pay only $500 each for accommodations and that same price sometimes only covers one or two nights in a hotel simply because you have to get more rooms to accomodate everyone. In addition, many homes have extra amenities at no additional cost, meaning none of those pesky “resort fees” to use the pool or other extras. Financially, vacation rentals make a lot of sense.

Many of Florida Leisure’s vacation rental properties offer private screened in pools, hot tubs, games rooms, large screen TV’s and easy access to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and all the other area attractions. Orlando is a fantastic place to stay in a vacation rental because the area offers so many choices of things to do for families. So why not plan a quick trip this Spring? You can have fun and save money.

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