Vacation Home Secret #10

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One of the things I really get annoyed by when I have to stay overnight at a hotel (yes, it happens occasionally …usually because I’m at a conference) is the “nickeling” and “dimeing” they do in dreaming up extra charges all over the place. From car parking, to resort fees through to internet access fees, all these small extra charges do is wind me up and cause resentment. I utterly resent the fact that the price I am quoted never reflects what the final bill is and I always resolve never to go back to that hotel again…and so far, I never have revisited a hotel…ever.

So, in this series of 10 videos I talk about some of the secrets about staying in a vacation home… from simple money saving tips through to how staying in an Orlando vacation home will prove to be the best vacation experience you have ever had. Here’s vacation home secret #10…

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