Vacation Procrastination?

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How’s this year been for you? If it’s anything like mine, your year will have flown by. I looked at my calendar this morning and shook my head in disbelief that we are about to enter the seventh month of the year…July! We’re officially over the half way mark of the year in a weeks time and I never even noticed that Summer was upon us…help!

Worse still, with two daughters graduating and the vacation rental business booming, I haven’t even thought of taking a vacation myself. It seems I’ve come down with a new disease I’m going to call V.P. … Vacation Procrastination.

So what to do to overcome this?… It’s going to require some resourcefulness and creativity me thinks. It’s also going to call for some relaxation time and that’s something I’ve forgotten how to do! So if you’re like me, let’s recap on why we all need a vacation or a few days break from the normal routine…

First, and in order to cure V.P., you simply have to get out of the house and change your scenery. We all become bogged down with our routines and simply focusing on surviving in this type of economy. It’s easy to become jaded, tired and simply worn out.

Second, being a workaholic does nothing for your productivity and it simply makes you stale and unable to see other things going on around you. Important stuff, like family and friends.

Third, both one and two, bring an inordinate amount of stress on  our bones and physiology. The body and mind needs to relax and do nothing from time to time just to feel alive again.

So, here’s a couple of suggestions. If you’re able to book a week or more away then go and do it…right now. Ask yourself why not and if you don’t get a decent answer…go do it! You’ll feel better immediately and have something to look forward to…which is refreshing in itself.

If you’re unable to take a week away for whatever reason then I’m worried about you… but here’s the solution… go and book a weekend away… and make it a long weekend, not just Saturday and Sunday.  Mini vacations are great and they also help you recharge your batteries.

Remember, vacations are important for the following reasons:

1. Recharge your energy.

2. Lower your stress levels.

3. Allows the mind to think.

4. New scenery and new places = new ideas and thoughts.

5. A chance to spend time with loved ones.

Taking a vacation means that all of a sudden the world doesn’t look so bad. Some fun in the sun with tropical breezes and a fresh suntan does so much for your mind, body and soul. So beat the vacation procrastination blues and book that break now! It’s not too late to score that great Orlando vacation rental and to enjoy a few days at the theme parks or on the beach.

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