What a Game … Be Proud Kurt

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SuperBowl 2009 is now history and what a great game.  As neutral observer (I am a Rams fan), I was enthralled and enjoyed one of the greatest SuperBowl games I have ever seen.

I am also pleased for Kurt Warner … many years after the Rams wrongly dumped him, he had fought his way back and guided an unfancied Arizona team all the way to the SuperBowl and then but for a couple of very cruel twists of fate almost took them to the winning podium in a performance that belied his 37 years.

Even though he came up short, this was a real MVP performance and should hopefully secure his entry to the Hall of Fame.  He now has the 3 top passing games in SuperBowl history.  I am not sure if he should come back next season or not … but he will no doubt make his own mind up.


  • Second Highest Completion Percentage, Career (Min. 1500 attempts) – 65.75%
  • Highest Average Passing Yards Per Game, Career (Min. 100 games) – 261.2 yards/game
  • Most Yards Passing, Super Bowl – 414 yards vs. Tennessee Titans (only QB to pass for 400+ yards in the Super Bowl; also owns 2nd highest yardage total in Super Bowl with 365 against the New England Patriots)
  • Highest Rate of Games w/300+ Yards Passing (Min. 100 games played) – 45.2% (47/104)
  • Most Consecutive Games w/300+ Yards Passing – 6 (tied w/Steve Young and Rich Gannon
  • Most Games with a Perfect Passer Rating, Career (regular season only) – 3 (tied w/Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger)
  • Only NFL quarterback to throw 40 touchdowns and win a Super Bowl in the same season (1999).
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