What a weekend….Part 1

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Have you ever had a weekend that hit you like a whirlwind? One that left you feeling shattered but you still had to get up and get your work done. Well that happened to me this weekend.

On Friday evening I was heading off to Hard Rock Hotel for an opening party for a business event when I got word that my pregnant sister in law (Tracey) had been admitted to hospital in Celebration so they could start inducing the baby. No problem thought I… no problem thought they (Tracey and my brother, Andrew) … it will take 14 hours plus before the little devil decides to make an entrance.

So, at 7.45pm I head away from the event to go home. Oh…did I say the thieves at Hard Rock wanted $23.00 to park the car for 3 hours? Another reason I really HATE hotels. Anyway, back to the story, there I was happily eating the miles up on I4 when I got a phone call from my wife telling me to go straight to the hospital as Tracey had already had the baby!

Ethan is born

Amazing! Is that all it takes thesedays….3 bloomin’ hours? What happened to the 40 hours of hell my wife went through 18 years ago for my eldest? What happened to the hours of pain, the hours of pushing, the hours of feeling hopeless while someone else suffers?

So I get to the hospital and what do I find… Ethan Andrew happily being cuddled by my youngest daughter, my brother (the new Daddy) on his computer (where else?) and Tracey (the new Mommy) looking like nothing had happened to her. Is this how it’s supposed to be thesedays? I’ve heard of quick fulfillment but isn’t this taking it a little too far? How can it be right that you can give birth to a baby quicker than you can buy an I-phone? Or watch the Batman movie? Crikey, the price of gas didn’t even have chance to go up in the time this took.

I dunno…. part 2 later when I’ve worked this out.

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