World Cup Belongs to Spain

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Perhaps it was expecting too much with so much at stake but the World Cup Final was a disappointment. Niggling foul after niggling foul left us all disappointed and referee Howard Webb a very busy man. It seemed right from the outset that neither team was going to allow the other to play and it seemed a game where one opponent had a score to settle against another. In all 14 players ended up in the book including the second yellow and red card to Dutchman Heitinga and you really couldn’t complain at any of them.

It was such a shame that a final that promised so much ultimately degenerated into a war zone and that the assaults on opponents outweighed the chances either side created.  In the end Spainish midfielder Andres Iniesta’s nerveless finish in extra time delivered the knockout blow to the Netherlands and the bruising final ended in a 1-0 win and a first World Cup triumph for the Spanish.

To be honest, there’s not much else to say. So I won’t.

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