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Top 10 things to do in Orlando

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1. Visit Walt Disney World   It’s still king of the hill: or rather, of the very, very flat land. Spread over an area the size of Boston are: 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom, best place with little kids; EPCOT; Disney MGM-Studios; and Animal Kingdom); two water-parks (see below); 14 themed resorts that are fun […]

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Forgot Mickey … get him at the airport!!!!!!

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Just before catching her flight home to New York on a recent afternoon, Myrna Francis managed to squeeze in a little last-minute Christmas shopping for her grandkids. Where? In stores run by Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando at Orlando International Airport, where she snagged a Cars video game and Spider-Man sandals. “It’s convenient,” Francis […]

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Adults being kids again

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Most people would think that because I live in Florida that I have been to all the Theme Parks. Well, unfortunately that isn’t so. However, this past weekend I spent it all  the parks. Disney, Epcot & Disney’s MGM, and whew……I was exhausted when all was said & done, but I had a great time. […]

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Walt Disney World named leading theme park resort in world

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Walt Disney World, the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Carnival Corp. and Royal Caribbean International were among scores of winners of World Travel Awards announced recently. Based on thousands of votes online from 167,000 travel agents and tourism professionals eligible to vote, Disney World emerged as the world’s leading theme-park resort; the Orlando CVB, […]

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Orlando area’s Central Florida Zoo opens water-play oasis

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Animals and trees spout liquid fun at the colorful Tropical Splash Ground. Chelsey Brandao giggled as she splashed in water that gushed from the ground. She ducked under spouts coming from a huge frog’s mouth. “I’m all wet,” Chelsey squealed. “But, it’s fun, fun.” The 3-year-old Ocala girl just happened to be visiting the Central […]

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Polar Express stops in Orlando

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SeaWorld Orlando fast-tracks high-tech Polar Express train ride The train crested the mountain, then tipped downward, rushing like a roller coaster. And, as if they were on a roller coaster, many of the children seated inside raised their arms, and some squealed. Of course, they were all sitting in a room, inside a building at […]

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Let it snow

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Happy Holidays everyone! It’s taking me a little longer then usual to get into the holiday spirit this year, but last night I had some family come in to visit from Michigan. We put up the Christmas Tree, listened to some  Christmas music and drank some hot cocoa. While we were decorating the tree we […]

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Man … it doesn’t get any better than this!

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I was lying tucked up in my bed, sound asleep, blankets tightly round me and over my head when the alarm clock started banging away like a cheerlea … well it was making a lot of noise.  I pulled the pillows tighter, the last thing I wanted to do was get up, put on 20 layers of […]

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Bimcell kontör tl yükleme

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Kredi kartı ile online bimcell tl yükleme işlemlerinizi gönül rahatlığı ile nasıl yapacağınızı biliyormusunuz ? gelin size anlatayım! Her siteye güvenmeyin! Evet, her siteye güvenmeyin çünkü bu sektör binlerce dolandırıcı ile google’u abluka altına almış durumda. Google ‘a yazdığınız zaman ” bimcell kontör yükleme ” diye çıkan binlerce site sahtekar ve size ve ailenize zarar verebilir. O […]

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Weekend at Disney

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Hello everyone, my name is Tiffany and I work in the Marketing Department for Florida Leisure Vacation Homes. One of my many benefits is, I get to visit all the Disney Theme parks and share my memories with you.  This weekend I took my two year old daughter to Disney for the first time. We […]

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