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Florida Leisure announces Disney Area “Pilar Lofo” Vacation Homes from just $9.99 per night!

The show “Survivor” forces contestants to make it in the wilderness with less than bare minimum essentials. It’s just about the greenest way to live, with no water, no electricity, no waste, no stuff. Well just recently a luxury hotel in San Diego  challenged its guests to survive on less than the bare minimum at […]

Disney World Attendance Declines Slightly… So Visit Now!

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Yesterday Walt Disney World announced that they saw slight declines in park attendance over the past few months. Theme park attendance at the company’s domestic parks fell 3 percent overall in the three months ending on July 3, the Walt Disney Company said as it announced third quarter financial results. Walt Disney World attendance dropped […]

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It seems that vacation home rental scams just won’t go away. Last month I had to help a party of 150 people out when the homes they had booked through a vacation rental agency failed to materialize and today I have found myself in a similar position. On local WESH 2 news last night a […]

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Gulf Coast Oil Update

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I popped down to Clearwater Beach last week to check out how the Gulf oil crisis was affecting the area. I’d received several calls from reporters at various news outlets all wanting to know if it was affecting our business in any way so I decided it was worth the trip to find out what […]

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Glow In The Dark Golf

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Ever wanted to play golf but it’s been too dark to play? Years ago we’d have been laughing at the suggestion you could play golf at night without floodlights but today it’s a realistic possibility. Since it’s introduction a few years ago “Glow In The Dark Golf” has become pretty popular and now its coming […]

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We’re off…

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Today’s blog is late… sorry, but you’ll have to get used to it… the World Cup kicked off today and for the next month production in our office is going way down…at least by me! I do have a sneaky plan though and it’s called “DELEGATION”. And the folks in the office don’t know what […]

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A Fine Way To Vacation … Do You Have The Courage?

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It’s Friday and it’s time for a little fun…. would you have the “courage” to stay in this hotel? Or would you prefer this….

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For Gentlemen Only

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I’m always been asked what’s new and something that I’ve been aware of for a while but not said much about has been Kennedy’s All-American Barbers Club. Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club is basically a barber shop franchise concept  for discerning gentlemen who are looking for an experience that is the polar opposite of your everyday […]

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Orlando Vacation On A Reduced Budget

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ORLANDO VACATION ON A REDUCED BUDGET by Nigel G. Worrall Do you want to take a vacation in Orlando but are worried about the cost? Well, an Orlando Vacation on a reduced budget is not such the unobtainable goal that you might think. Want to know why? Read on. A vacation in Orlando always seems […]

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Space Shuttle Endeavour Night Time Launch Lights Up Central Florida

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Just watched a fabulous night time launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. I took some video so enjoy watching this short video.

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