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What Else Can You Do On An Orlando Visit…

A lot of folks call our office asking about some of the other things to do when visiting Orlando and it’s always fun to find out more about them and what they like to do. There really is so much to see and do away from the big theme parks and you can’t possibly see […]

Spring Break in Orlando

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Spring Break in Orlando By Nigel G. Worrall Spring Break in Orlando Orlando, Florida’s most popular destination, is the perfect spot to spend your spring break, whether with friends or with your family. A spring break in Orlando will give you the much needed respite from busy schedules at work or at school. Orlando is […]

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Beyond Orlando

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Over the course of the week we’ve talked about some of the things to do in Orlando. Today, I want to take a quick look at some of the things you can do “Beyond Orlando”. Down in Lake Wales you can find Bok Tower Gardens. This gorgeous 250 acre National Historic Landmark sits on the […]

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Baby goes straight from hospital to Florida Leisure vacation home

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Earlier this week I received a fantastic email and I thought I’d save it for today as it’s really a lovely way to end the week…and really sends the message home to all of us working for Florida Leisure Vacation Homes why we do what we do… Baby goes straight from hospital to Florida Leisure […]

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