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Florida Leisure announces Disney Area “Pilar Lofo” Vacation Homes from just $9.99 per night!

The show “Survivor” forces contestants to make it in the wilderness with less than bare minimum essentials. It’s just about the greenest way to live, with no water, no electricity, no waste, no stuff. Well just recently a luxury hotel in San Diego  challenged its guests to survive on less than the bare minimum at […]

Five Star Luxury at Budget Prices

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Five Star Luxury at Budget Prices By Nigel G. Worrall Staying in a poor accommodation can turn any good vacation into a nightmare. Many people think they have to spend a lot of money to get great accommodation but that really isn’t the case. More and more people are falling in love with the concept […]

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Fishing in Florida

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Fishing in Florida By Nigel G. Worrall Traditionally, a Florida vacation would include a visit to Walt Disney World Resorts and Universal Studios. Other days are perhaps filled with trips to the many other attractions and things to do in and around Orlando that time soon passes and you find yourself returning back home in […]

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Orlando, Florida The Perfect Business Travel Destination

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There aren’t many better choices for a business meeting or convention than Orlando. In fact it’s hard to think of just one other place in the United States that can match it. From it’s world class meeting and convention facilities through to it’s fantastic theme parks Orlando is simply the best choice to do great […]

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I just came across a great article by Jim Wang giving 7 reasons why you should skip staying at hotels and rent a vacation home instead. At the end of the article Jim mentions two things you need to be aware of but we’ll talk about them once you’ve read the article: Bankrate had an […]

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Forbes Traveler.com has just announced their top 15 vacation destinations and coming out right at number 1 is ORLANDO. Those of us who live and work here aren’t surprised by this news and part of the reason is the enormous diversity of the area. We have some great attraction parks such as Walt Disney World, […]

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Busch Gardens …AWESOME!!!

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One of the nice things about providing magical memories for our guests is that we occasionally get to experience things ourselves. Over the last month some of our staff has been fortunate enough to visit both Busch Gardens and Sea World to see what’s going on and find out what’s new. Busch Gardens in Tampa […]

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Theme Park Ratings & Reviews

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Make of this what you will…and if I may…they’ve obviously not stayed in a vacation home 😉 (Let’s keep it our little secret 😉 ): 2009 Theme Park Insider Awards Best Theme Park: Disneyland Park Busch Gardens Williamsburg Universal’s Islands of Adventure Best New Attraction: Manta, SeaWorld Orlando Prowler, Worlds of Fun Diamondback, Kings Island […]

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Just spent a few minutes reading a report on the best destinations for value. It’s somewhat interesting : Domestic: 1. Las Vegas 2. Orlando 3. Fort Lauderdale 4. New York 5. Los Angeles Have to laugh when I read that…obviously there’s some political influence taking place here…I mean how can New York and LA ever […]

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