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A Tribute to Zig Ziglar

It is with great sadness that we learned today of the death of Zig Ziglar after a short battle with pneumonia. Zig was born on 6th November 1926 in Gary, Indiana, to parents John Silas Ziglar and Viola Ziglar. He was the tenth of twelve children. In 1931, when Zig was five years old, his […]

Get Motivated

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Visiting Orlando this week was the Peter and Tamara Lowe event “Get Motivated“. For those that don’t know anything about it’s origins you’ll need a little background. For more than 25 years, corporate leaders, Fortune 500 companies, educators, business owners, sales people, medical professionals and a whole host more have been attending Peter & Tamara […]

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Zig Ziglar walks the talk

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Another wonderful man that I recently met was none other than Zig Ziglar. There can’t be many people who don’t know about Mr. Ziglar but if you’re one of the few, then make sure you look him up on an internet search or better still go out and buy his books, CD’s or DVD’s. You’re […]

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We were honored and privileged to have business and marketing legend Dan Kennedy visit our offices yesterday. Over the last two days Dan has been in Orlando to talk to members of the GKIC Orlando chapter and also to make a visit behind the scenes at Walt Disney World. Florida Leisure Staff & Dan Kennedy visit Walt Disney […]

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