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Orlando … The Place To Be This Summer

Have you made your vacation plans for the Summer? If not, you’ll want to check out what’s going on in Orlando as there’s lots of new stuff going on at the theme parks this year. There’s a killer whale show, a new roller-coaster, a cheetah habitat, a zip-line ride over alligators and there’s also the […]

2011 US Flow Tour Comes to Fantasy Surf

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The top flowboarders in the country will meet in Kissimmee on April 30, 2011, when the 2011 U.S. FLOW Tour comes to the new Fantasy Surf indoor water attraction just off Poinciana Blvd. Wave Loch, creator of the U.S. FLOW Tour and manufacturer of FlowRiders®, has selected Fantasy Surf to be the second stop of the […]

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Surf’s Up in Kissimmee

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Central Florida is not known for surfing but now it really is possible to enjoy catching a wave  even when you’re landlocked and nowhere near the ocean. Fantasy Surf is an indoor surfing facility in Kissimmee, just down the street from Walt Disney World, that opened last week and is now ready for adventurous waveboarders […]

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Surf in Central Florida

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Thought you’d never be able to surf in Central Florida? Well this is the land of make believe and where dreams do come true, so why shouldn’t you be able to catch a wave or get to surf here too?  After all, you’re now able to do it on cruise ships so I guess it […]

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