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6 Bedrooms 4.5 Bathrooms Private Swimming Pool – The Only Way To Stay in Orlando

I had to smile yesterday when I was reading some Facebook posts about the experiences some guests were having at Walt Disney World Resort. I’m not one to knock one of the most successful company’s on the planet but when I see guests complaining of over an hours wait to get to a park from […]

Kissimmee Vacation Homes in Orlando

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Kissimmee Vacation Homes in Orlando By Nigel G. Worrall One of the most popular vacation destinations in the world is Orlando, Florida. A huge reason why so many people visit this part of the world is because of the Walt Disney World resort and its theme parks. Walt Disney World resort is the world’s largest […]

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I just came across a great article by Jim Wang giving 7 reasons why you should skip staying at hotels and rent a vacation home instead. At the end of the article Jim mentions two things you need to be aware of but we’ll talk about them once you’ve read the article: Bankrate had an […]

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Busch Gardens …AWESOME!!!

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One of the nice things about providing magical memories for our guests is that we occasionally get to experience things ourselves. Over the last month some of our staff has been fortunate enough to visit both Busch Gardens and Sea World to see what’s going on and find out what’s new. Busch Gardens in Tampa […]

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I came across this article by Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner of FullyBookedRentals.com: Is it bait-and-switch? Not exactly. The quoted room rate is what the traveler will pay. But many travelers will be surprised and probably angered when they see the final bill. As the Wall Street Journal notes, some hotels, feeling pressured to lower their […]

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