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Disney Planning Adult Nights?

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We all know where the mind wanders when a project that includes the words “adult” and “night” is planned. Add the word “Disney” to it and the very meaning of those two words together can go for a toss. Yes, the beans have been spilled: Disney is planning a $520 million, adult theme park called […]

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Rascal Flatts rock “O” Town

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Last night I was dragged to a Rascal Flatts concert in Orlando by my wife and daughters and not being much of a fan I really wasn’t looking forward to it. But, life is sent to try us and we have to battle on… sometimes when you do things you don’t want to, it works […]

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When Randy Jackson declared the amazingly average Carly  Smithson  “the best vocal of the last two days, the best vocal of the top 24 right there” he definitely played into the hands of the conspiracy theorists who wrote this article earlier in the week.  Scandal sells though … Randy Jackson Using American Idol to Push His Failed Artists? […]

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From the “what were you thinking” files.  I think Lilo has fallen overboard in a hard way … one for flaunting her imperfect body (she should’ve done 2 million sit ups, not 250) and two for believing she could compare to Marilyn Monroe.  The only possible common ground is that Lohan is unlikely to see 40 […]

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Aquatica ..opens 1 March 2008

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Once in a while it’s nice to be treated isn’t it? Well, today was one of those days… we got to take a sneak preview of Aquatica! Yes, SeaWorld’s new water park…. and it’s grrrrreeeeaaaatttttt! Once you set foot into Aquatica, you immediately experience the vastness of nearly 60 acres of lush landscape inspired by the […]

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Starting on March 17, 2008, Florida Leisure (www.floridaleisure.com) will unveil one of the most fun and innovative bargain hunts ever with their online Easter Egg Hunt.  Check out to be kept up to date with the details and the most spectacular winning prize ever offered.

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Veteran pageant runner-up captures Silver Spurs banner

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Samantha Roberts named Miss Silver Spurs and Ryleigh Tyson named Little Miss Silver Spurs Two talented young women from Osceola County have been chosen to represent the rodeo community for the next year. Samantha Roberts, a 19-year-old Kissimmee resident and Osceola High graduate, was crowned Miss Silver Spurs 2008 on Tuesday night at the Silver […]

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Don’t know about anyone else but I think this season of “The Apprentice” is one of the best ever. Like most people I thought the gloss had gone off a TV show that really was struggling to come up with something new. Series after series we’ve had the same format; brand name company sets a challenge, […]

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